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Impressions of tour with Dream Connections

Those guys who follow me on FB know, that I was on tour with marriage agency called Dream Connections. Sure, big part of my followers watch my channel only because they want to find soulmate in Ukraine, and most of them - want to do this using marriage agency.  So I can't ignore reviewing marriage agencies and their activity in Ukraine. 

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Today my topic is about Dream Connections. Before I start, I want to mentioned - I don't relate to any agency. I still think that the best way to find you love - it's natural way. It can happen with you everywhere in any minute. And natural way is the best. But sometimes people decide using marriage agency - and I try to help them understand which agency to choose. I think it's better to show their activity  rather don't tell about them anything and finally you ends with wasting money on few scammers. 
Ok. I start.
Little intro how does Dream Connections work. 

How does Dream Connections work?

Although Dream Connection is marriage company, they try to organize you meeting your soulmate in the most natural way. And I like this approach. 
I will describe you fast and then just stop in every point and tell my impressions and opinion. 
So you come to Ukraine, Nikolaev city for a week. Dream Connections give you personal translator. Then you have 2 days to meet all girls they propose you. You sit in big restaurant, there are a lot of tables with girls. There are few girls at the every table. And you have "speed date". So you sit at the table, introduce yourself to girls, speak with them for a 10 minutes, then stand up.. If some girls is interested on you, she leave her number, so you can invite her on the date in the future. 
After two days you are just on dates and on the final day you should decide which girl you want to choose. And that's all. After that you just develop your relationship like you want.

It was short description of how this quest tour works.
And now my very subjective opinion about all this stuff.

Why Dream Connections is special?

I can't call myself an expert in marriage business, but during my blogging activity I make some research and know that we can divide marriage agencies into 2 types: online and offline.
Online marriage agencies is just website, where you register, speak with girls, looking for one special. I don't believe on those agencies in general. They charge money for every latter, charge money for video chat, so they don't have goal you find your love, get married and stop to pay them for speaking with her through the site.
Offline marriage agencies are a little different. There are manager who you work with. You know them, you speak with them. And there are different ways how you can meet your girl. Every agency have their own rules. But in general you write introduction letters, they decide which girl will be better for you, propose some of them, you speak with them and then decide which one to choose. And it's good.

But what I like in Dream Connections?

They don't choose girl for you. They just give you opportunity to meet girls who are interested in new relationship. That's all. Maybe you think you want only tall blond girl, and only young... But you come on tour, see eyes of beautiful 40 years old woman with black hair and fell in love from the first seconds. Who knows? It's just chemistry...  When you meet woman on distance, you can't feel her smell, you can't hear her voice, you don't see her in life. 
Our expectations sometimes are very different. Especially for woman. Because they also meet man for the fist time!

When I saw guys who come on the tour, I have one thoughts about them. Not bad or good, but just some thoughts... But after speaking with them almost for a week, I totally changed my mind! Those who I don't like so much from the first look, I found them very funny and entertaining! I feel energy going from them and I like it! But if I were girl who are looking for relationship, and someone will tell me - do you want to speak with him? I said no 100%! Personal meeting and speaking in real life can strongly multiply your chances to find Ukrainian girl! maybe if you are macho and girl just look at you picture and say- OMG, I want him.. I am ready for everything just give me his number - so maybe you will not have probem with it))) But in any cases you just multiply your chances, and it's good!
So Dream Connections give you opportunity to meet girls in reality! And this what makes them special and I like it!


If you decide to apply for their quest tour, you will always hear about personnal translator...  Before I visit their tour I thought - translator as translator... there are so many attention for them! But after tour I understand why! 
Its not translator. If I were their "translator" I will be offended for such modest words they call this work) It's personal assistant, you right hand 24 hours!
Btw, all translator are married, some of them also meet their husband using DC tours, so they are not interested in some intrigues, just do their work. 
So translator - it's your personal assistant. At first, she helps you stay in Ukraine. Any clothing, food, gifts - everything what you need - she will find it for you or go with you to the show and help to buy everything what you need. She tells you about Ukrainian customs and traditions. She gives advice about speaking with girls. She actually organize your date - flowers, boat, restaurant, balloons, surprises - she is responsible for all of this! She will be near you from the early morning to the deep night! Even when guys went to karaoke club at night, translators also were with them to help in everything! So this girls do just amazing jobs! 
So every guy receive his personal translator and now you can see how they meet them in Ukrainian restaurant. After that they speak with them all night we were i restaurant. I sit near so I heard everything what they speak with them! We had dinner with traditional food, so girls explain how to eat it, how does it calls, speak about Ukraine, prices and other things. Btw, Mark Davis, who is CEO, always mentioned prices in Ukraine, that guys don't spend more! So situation when girls go with you to luxury restaurant and finally you receive bill on 200$ is excluded. Mark always mentioned real prices, and the same translators did. 

But the best job which they do - it's pick up girl for you! Hehe, yes! You sit on the table, speak about yourself, stand up and then it's your translator's time! She praise man, say how fun he is, how good he is and ask for number. 
And then she will call this girls to invite her into date. I heard one this call. It was so fun! She speak so long with one girl.. Tell that maybe it's her destiny.. Praise her man again, told  about his good soul and just gave no chance to that girl to refuse. So believe me, if you like some girl, but she don't want to go on date with you, translator put all of her forces to ask her go on date with you. Everything else up to you!

Speed dating

Before events men have coach session with Mark, where he give them some tips how to pick up girls, tell about rules etc... The same have translators with Anna. I attended both of them, and heard what they speak about. Especially for translators.. Anna coach them how to deal with papers, how to present their man, how to organize everything better for client.
After that we went into restaurant for meeting with girls...
In tour where I was, there were 22 man and almost 90 girls! So men and girls was divided into two groups and had speed dating during 2 days. I heard  what the speak about, how translators translate all the speech... It was very natural, interesting.. maybe guys were a little nervous, but in general it was very cool and interesting. What I can proof for you - they translated the same what you say. Not add nothing from them. 


Yeas, the most interesting part I guess! Girls! Who are those girls? Why they came? And are they really interested in relationship? I speak with them a lot! I interviewed them and as Ukrainian, it's easy for me to determine what exactly they did there. 
First of all, when I saw men, they was not the youngest, I think.. oh, there will be 23-25 years old girls, and how they will speak with them.. It's different generations.. Of course I assume that big age difference works well sometimes, but not is all cases. And I was wonder when I knew mostly all girls are in their 30th. There were few younger, but as men were elder, so woman were elder also! And it's so cool! So Dream Connection give you opportunity to meet woman of any age, not just young girls.
Bay the way, I thought that all girls will be like models, but no! It was typical Ukrainian girls. Yes, they were nice, but typical. Nothing special. 
Btw, I found advertisement on the city, how they invite girls. Not to earn a lot and achieve your life's goal. Just find you LOVE! Find good relationship! 
I speak a lot with girls. I asked about their goals, why they are here, why they like foreigners and a lot of other things. Especially which questions men shouldn't ask, how to impress them and so on... It let me know that they really are looking for love. They like foreigners because they looks much more good than Ukrainian, they are optimists, their behaviors is different and I agree with them on this point. Of course, there are good-looking Ukrainian men also. But if we speak about man 30+, so they are already married or they will never choose simple girls. If they looking good, they want to see model near them.  

What about other questions, it will be specifically interesting just for guys who will go on tour, and as I try to make a long story short, you will receive them using my link. There are questions which you should avoid, phrases which you don't need to tell about yourself on the first meeting at the table, and my suggestions about fashion. Fashion plays big role in Ukraine, believe me!  I think this information is useless for people who are not going to go in tour, because it's specifically to those situation. DC have my video materials, so you can ask them - it's free. Or you can use my link and download them.

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And my final impressions!

I was good! DC did very great job. If you look at it from the side, it seems like it's so easy to organize meeting men, woman and relax.. But no. They did huge organizational work. They take a picture of all tables, print pictures for man (because they must remember faces, not just names)... The most interesting, they care not about men, because they pay for tour. I saw how their managers speak with girls.. Ask how they feel, if everything is good... So they care about girls also and I appreciate it so much!

You now probably think: she tell this like advertisement! Hehe, no! This guys went long way and they really do great job. 
But as a lot of guys write me: there are only good words about them, there is no critic.. I don't believe in high success rate... So for all of you - disadvantages of quest tour with Dream Connections. 

Disadvantages of Dream Connections

I found two.

1. Speed dating is very exhausted. It's not tiring, it's exhausting. In that tour was 22 men and during the day they had 10 tables. So ten times they speak the same, ask the same... And when you work physically, you can just sit and relax. But those guys nervous so much, then they have so much emotions and become tired so fast. So on the first table it's fun, but as more tables, as less it's fun and faster become annoying and kill desire to meet girl. I suggested Mark few ways how to improve it, they also tried different ways, but don't find anything better. I don't know, maybe they must limit group... But in that case you will choose from 40 girls, not 90. 90 is better I think. So I don't know, just criticize)) I think when you come to meet your soulmate, you must have good mood and clear mind! And guys told me it's like big blender, so many girls that they don't remember any of them. Too much is not always good. SO it's disadvantage. Because if next time there will be 50 men in tour, so guys will have 20 tables every day? ;))) Very exhausting. 

2. Price. Yes, price is high. And nobody guarantee you will find your soulmate. And there can't be guarantee. If you want it, you will find scam. It's just chemistry. Guys give you chance to meet girls, but everything up to you. Form the other hand, I can't say its overpriced. Try to find 90 girls who are interested in relationship! You always ask me to represent some friends of mine, and I already ask everyone - my friends, friends of my parents, relatives.... friends of my friends.. No one of them don't want to meet foreigners. There are different reason, but they don't want. So it's really hard work to find you so many girls!  
So they did a lot of work, and finally Mark and Anna live in USA.. They can't earn Ukrainian salary! So that is why other agencies is cheaper. But for you, guys, it's not important where do they live, for you important how much you pay and what you will receive. So I think price is disadvantage.

So in conclusion.

Dream Connections is not scam. They put a lot of efforts to organize this tour and make it fun for you. Price is high, but you receive chance to speak with big amount of Ukrainian girls, who are really interested in new relationship, impress them and find your love. Price is high, meeting are exhausted. You must be ready for crazy, but very cool week! 
I had one secret agent on this tour. He told me about everything inside. At the end of tour she started dating with girl. And btw, she speak English, so they don't need translator. He send me picture everyday from their dates, and I am happy for them so much.  Join or not to quest tour? Decide by yourself. 

Link to thir website - Dream Connections