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Are you looking for ukrainian wife? Your personal counselor will help you!

Hi everyone! My name is Olia, I'm from Ukraine and I have my Youtube blog about Ukraine. During my blogging activity I found that topic about Ukrainian marriage agencies and girls are very interesting for most of you. When I started research in this field, I discovered, that so many marriage agencies in Ukraine are just scammers. There are no real girls, there are no real agency even, It's only way how you can waste your money, believing in happy future life with beautiful ukrainian wife. 

I started to recieve a lot of letters and messages from you, where you ask me about relationship with ukrainian girls, I help a lot of people avoid scam and save their money (couse I know price for everything in Ukraine), I gave some tips for relationship with Ukrainian girls.....
Last time I recieved so many messages from you about it. Every situation is special, and to give you valuable advice, I need to speak with you a lot, understand your situation, understand which type of girls you speak with. Does your girl scamming you? Or maybe she started to speak with you very cold? Does she really have problems or she just want to ignore you? Does she need money for studying, tickets, travelling or just cheating you? I'm sure you want to know the truth! And I decided to provide services in relationship counseling and be your personal couch! 

What is Relationship Counseling?

Relationship counseling is like any other type of counseling. You connect with me and discuss any issues you face in a comfortable environment. During the first converstaion, I will ask you about the problems you face. Instead of wasting money or worrying near computer along, I will give you chance to tell me all your thoughts. After the first session, I will suggest things you can do at home and recommend next steps.

Relationship Counseling Costs

Relationship counseling costs $50 for a first session. If we decided deal with you for a long time, monthly fee is $200 and include services:

- check marriage agency which you choose according to Ukrainian law, testemonials, location.

- give you advice in relationship with Ukrainian girls.

- answer on all your questions about Ukrainian price, traditions, customs and ither things.

- help to avoid scam from agency or girls, which you find on web.
- help you organize gifts and flowers for your girl in Ukraine.

Stop waste your time and money! Hire a counselor to clarify your relationship! 

Contact me:

Email: reznikova712@gmail.com
Skype: terra712

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