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Ukrainian lesson #2. Speaking with friends

A lot of you guys, I know, have friends in Ukraine. And you want to show them that you know some phrases on their native language. Especially, if you are boy, and speak with your ukrainian girlfriend ;)
So to look more inteligent and well-educated, I will show you some phrases, which you can use with your friends.
Some phrases don't have literally translation, but have the same meaning as in English variant.
Symbol ['] in transcription means accent. So you can write correct and speak correct )
To know how to pronounce correct, you can see om my video.

Begin from elementary words:

1.  Привіт!                                                                                     Hi!!

2. Як ти?                                                                                       How are you?
    [Yak ty]
   Як справи?
   [Yak spravy]

3. Як пройшов день?                                                                    How is your day?
    [Yak proi'shov den']

4. Все добре                                                                                  I'm ok
    [Vse dobre]

5. Класно                                                                                      Awesome

6. Давно тебе не бачив                                                               I didn't see you for a long time
    [Dav'no te'be ne bachyv]

7. Давно тебе не чув                                                                  I didn't hear you for a long time
    [Dav'no te'be ne chuv]

8. Гарно виглядаєш                                                                   You look beautiful
    [Harno vyglya'dayesh]

9. Сумую за тобою                                                                      I miss you
    [Su'muyu za to'boyu]

10. Ти мій найкращий друг                                                         You are my best friend
       [Ty mij naj'krashchyj drug]

11.  Коли ми ще побачимось?                                                     When else I can see you?
       [Ko'ly my shche po'bachymos]

12. Дякую за розмову                                                                    Thank you for conversation
      [Dyakuyu za rozmovu]

13. Бувай                                                                                        Bye

So, that's what I catch on my mind. Of course, you can use in conversation with your friends any phrases. Is you want to know some other - write this on comments below and I will translate you and include this to my article.


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