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USA and Ukraine: cultural differences

Every person know that culture of people in USA and Ukraine are very different. And sometimes there can be misunderstanding between people or you even can offence someone! So knowing main cultural differences is importing for dealing with Ukrainian people. I propose you different life situations to understand the difference between people.

1. Motivation

In american culture competition inside of group is very popular. As I said, Americans are focused on individuals and everyone is responsible for himself. In Ukrainian culture competition inside of group is not popular, but it's popular between different groups. Because inside of group people can be friends, and competition between friends means end of their friendship.

2. Nothing personal, just business

This phrase is normal for Americans, can not be accepted in Ukraine. People who are friends must always support each other. If one friend has business, and other want to use his services, he should receive it for free or with huge discount. If you charge the same money it will be super offensive for them. From the other side, if you are running some business, but your friend don't want to use your services, you will not be friends any more.

3. Relationship with other people
Americans have a lot of friends, but their friends are fickle, Americans avoid social obligations. Ukrainians are deep for long and stable friendship. It's always wonder for Ukrainians when someone write them: "I wanna be your friend", because friends is very very special person, who are the most close to you and know all your secrets. Most Ukrainians have 1-2 or max 3 best friends, not more.

4. Relation to old people.

Ukrainians don't accept old age as wisdom, like in USA. Nobody says: "Let's listen gradpa Viktor, because is older and more wise." Ukrainians help old people with physical work, but rarely ask some advice, Especially nowadays, when technologies develop so fast and old people even don't know how to use computer or smartphone.

5. Tips for strangers

Ukrainians are ready to help everyone. Sometimes it's good, but sometimes it's annoying. They love to give advice for people, when they don't ask about it.. Especially about children and parenting! And also about family relationship. They advice, tell their opinion when nobody ask.
In American culture nobody give you advice if you don't ask about it.

6. Cheating
Cheating in Ukraine (and cheat sheets) is normal thing. It's like the competition between student and teacher.
It's not acceptable in American school. Anyone who cheat he is troublemakers.

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