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Investigation of Ukrainian marriage agencies

Hi there! If you want to find Ukrainin wife using marriage agency, this video must be interesting for you.
A lot of people are wonder: why so many beautiful Ukrainian girls are looking for man abroad? Why they are so young and is it true that age is just number?? So 21-25 years old lady are ready to get married with 50+ years old man???

When I start to speak about Ukrainian marriage agencies, I always tell you about scammers, work in marriage agencies and everything else. Maybe it's hard to understand and realize how there can be so many scammers and so many beautiful Ukrainian girl can fool man.
So I started my investigation of Ukrainian marriage business and I'm ready to tell you about my result.
I start from the beginnng. Job in marriage agencies. I tell you very often that mailing with man and speaking using video chat - it's just work for woman. Probably you are wonder: hw can it be? They come to marriage agency and say: "Hey, I will speak with man and you need to pay me 50% of your income for that?" But everything is much more simple, fellas.
Girl who are looking for job go to very popular working website and look for job offers. And there are some, which are related to marriage business:
1. Photomodel.
I found several job offers with the same content but different cities and name of agency.
What is their offer?

"Successfull international marriage agency need photomodel.

Requirements: It's not important where do you live and what is your social status. The most important is beautiful face, speaking skills and desire to have stable and high income. 
- beautiful face;
- 10-15 profesional pictures for website.

Working conditions: Model gives us her photo and 2 times a month need to do "selfie". No intime! Pictures working on website by themself and you just recieved payment on 20th every month. "

And other information for girls who are interested.

So here is proof #1 that this is just kind of job for girls. They make professional picture and have income of it. They don't speak with you, they don't want to get married... just give their pictures to agency.

Ok, it's clear with photomodel.
But who speak with potentional husband using this pictures?

This job calls "translator".
There are big job offer, I just read for you the most interesting part for me.

 "Requirements: basic knowledge of English (not necessarily), good fantasy, creative approach to job, job with mail, speaking in chat...
We are waiting for everyone who are ready to achieve high goals and earn money for their DREAM". 

The most fun things for me that basic knowlendge of English is not necessary for translation job)) Job of dream, really...

But I think you already understand which kind of work they propose.  If you still have some concerns, listen more.
I apply to this job that definitely proof you it's scam. So I write girl in social network and she ask me if I want to work as a "translator" or model-translator, because I have pretty face. Then she wrote me:

"Moments of work:
You work 6-8 hours a day. Your job is mailing with foreigners (chatting and writimg mails). If you turn on camera - you recieve more money. You choose working hours by yourself. 
You recieve 50% from your profile. Wage is defferent and depends on you and successful of your profile. 150-450$ per month. Gifts which men send to you we give you by money. "

So if you had concerns before, now you see - it's job. There are not so many woman who really want to look for husband abroad, especially using marriage agencies. It's just very very good way  and easy way to earn great money.

There are a lot of arguments which Ukrainian girls use for men.
TOP the most popular:
 -Age is just number. 25 years different (or something like that) between us it's ok
- I can't use Skype because my computer is broken
- It's war in Ukraine and very hard to find job, we are so poor and looking for husband abroad
- There are much more woman than man in Ukraine and that's why its so hard to find your soulmate.

And you know why I make this video? Because I don't respect dishonest business. If you know, I propose relationship counseling service and listened so many stories, so I know what I'm talking abobut.

If you don't want to waste your time and money on girl who probably are one of "worker" in marriage agency, I can help you. For 50$ I can listen your story, check girl in marriage agency, check marriage agency (probably find the same job offer in working website) and give you answer are you scammed or not. It's better to know from the beginning, then too late.

One of my follower ( and now he is my friend) who are 67 years old mailing with young 30 years old woman for a long time and they decided to meet with him in Ukraine, Khmelnitsky. I also live in this city. I will not tell you full story, but I just want to say: she was scammers. Our city is small and it's easy to check girl. She is teacher of English but said him she don't speak Enlgish at all. When he came to Ukraine she insist hire a translator from agency for 30$ per hour. When he said: ok, but I have my own translator (me) she refused to meet with him. And he sat in Ukraine for 4 days along in hotel. Actually not alone, he was with me, but anyway, in your situation girl also can refuse to come and that's all. We have so many situations like that. Because they are not interested on you - they are just interested on earning money. And it's so sad. And shame on this Ukrainian girls who play in such dirty games with man. I know a lot of them, because I speak with them and all have very sad stories...
If you don't want to be dissapointed coming in Ukraine - order my consulting service and I clearify your situation.

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