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Short look into Transcarpathia (Zakarpattya)

Hi there! If you listen my blog for sometime, you noticed that I always mentioned that Ukraine is very big and different country. Today I want to show you one other special region of Ukraine calls Transcarpathians. It's area behind (or before) Carpathians, it depends which side you look at in. YOu need to understand that mountains devide people so much, and that's why areas which are devided from other part of country by mountains, they are special, have special customs, lifestyle, even weather.

It's all about Transcarpathians. Weather here is little different and this region calls also Sunny transcarpathians, because there are always very sunny and warm at the same time, when in other part of Ukraine can be cold and rainy. Of course, it's not so big differences with other part of Ukraine, but climate is softer I guess.
Different custom of people are result of Transcarpathians for a long time was under power of Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Astria and Soviet Union. Of course it can't not make impact into people's lifestyle. 

Today people mostly and a little government try to make a Transcarpathian region center of tourism in Ukraine. And I guess it's very successful. There are so many interesting places, like hystorical, mystical and also resort, mineral water, thermal spa, green tourism, village tourism and other things. And all of this stuff have great service and cost chep for Ukrainian. I don't want to offence South Ukraine where is sea, but when I saw level of service and price which they want for that, I even don't think - I choose Carpathians. It's more time cheaper for Ukrainians  For foreigners everything today is cheap in Ukraine, so you can go whatever you want. 
Now I tell a little about each position from my experience.

Thermal water 

If you are from East Europe, you know that the nearest thermal water is in Hungary. So we have the same water now in Ukraine. This place calls Koson and Beregovo. Last 3 years they developed old-Soviet resort and make it very interesting for tourists. Now so many people from Ukraine go there to relax in thermal sources. 

Mineral water

If you want to be healthy and forget all your ilness, you can go to some mineral resort. It's very popular type of tourism in Carpathians. This land is very reach on mineral water, and you can choose the best resort for you. I was in one of hundreds village in Zacarpattya, where is mineral resorts. You can see on video that it's not hard to find hotel there - you just need to choose the best price and conditions for yourself. This resorts propose multiples services: waterpools, saunas, salt room, spa treatments, massages, of course drinking mineral water, fresh air, mountains - all conditions for great relax. 

Green tourism

If you just love nature, you can choose cool place and live in house, hotel or camping, looking at nature and have fun. You know, we have also "village tourism" - it's when you come to house and live like everage person there, do all things in yard, look after animals and it's also very interesting for foreigners and we have what to propose. Not only in Carpathians, even in my Khmelnitsky region.


There are a lot o castles, churches, old buildingі which you can visit, but I will make different movies about it. There are Uzhgorod - regional center, very interesting, waterfalls, trout farms, a lot of beegarden, where you can sleep and breeth their propolis, swimming in vats, raftimg on river - everything for great relax. 


Also Transcarpathians region are famous because it's wine. There are a lot of grapes garden and almost everyperson made wine at home and of course there are wine plant, very nice, where you can find some special wine. 

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