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Funny Ukrainian words

Ukrainian language have a lot of interesting word, that you already hear but don't know about it. I propose you to listen differentn Ukrainian words and find new meaning of them.
Пухнастий фартух перед пупом - Pooh nasty far tooh per red poop om.
I've just speak Ukrainian.
Yeah, you know, ukrainian language have a lot of funny words.

Don't trust me?  Read below.

1. Rich. This word with the same pronunciation means thing.

2. Scott. Popular name means stingray. So if it's your name and you come to Ukraine, your name will be so funny for Ukrainians.

3. Steal. Take someone thing? No! It's table!

4. Magazine. Guess what? It's shop.

5. Knee. If you say this word in Ukraine, it means that you refuse of something. Becouse it means "no".

6. Pillow sauce. Doesn't make sence? It does, this is vacuum cleaner.

 Yes, this is just short review of Ukrainian language. But if you want to learn it, keep my blog and you will find a lot of interesting thing.

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