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Education in Ukraine: from children garden to university

Do you want to study in Ukraine? Are you are interested in ukrainian education?
How to enter in Ukrainian universuity? Here you find all information about this.

Children garden in Ukraine

Kids go to children garden from 3 to 6 years old. Most time they play games, but the last year they do some preparation for school.
They can learn a little writinf and reading, but nothing interesting.

School in Ukraine

School is absolutely free in Ukraine. You don't need to pay for education.
There is 3 level of school:
 - elementary;
 - middle school;
 - high school.

I devide it conditionally. because kids go to the 1 grade and study 11 years at the same school and with the same group of people.
Lesson is 45 minutes always.

Elementary school

Children go to school at 6 years old and study 4 years. 
They have one teacher for all subjects. 
There is groups of 20-30 people calls classes. There can be one or four-five first classes, depending from school.
So it always calls 1-A, 1-B, 1-C, 1-D class etc.

Subjects ukrainian children study at elementary school:
Ukrainian writing and reading, science of environent, math, gym, foreign languages (mainly Engish, sometimes German or France), art.

There is always 4-5 lessons per day in elemenraey school.

Middle school

Kids studing there from 5 to 9 grade. 
There is different teacher for different subject. Education is different school must be the same, but almost all school in Ukrane is gymnasium, so we have different classes with specialisation.
Everybody stuy obvious subjacts, but there is some extra subjects, which is different depending from specialization.

All gymnazium have economical (mathematic) and linguistic classes. 
In economical classes they study more math, graphics, and economics in detail.
In linguistic classes kids study 2 foreign languages. I study in that type of class. My first language is Germany, and I study English from 8 grade. So I study just four years at school and you can see my level. Not good, but not bad I must say)

Also there can be chemical classes, biological, medical, historical and others. Everything depends from school.

Subjects ukrainian children study at middle school:
Ukrainian language. ukrainian literarute, foreign language, foreign literature, history of Ukraine, history of the World, physics, biology, algebra, geometry, geography, hand-made, programming, law of Ukraine and some extra subjects, what depends on specialization. 

Usually there is 6-7 lessons per day.

There is always exams after 9 grade. We pass Ukrainian language, math, biology, foreign languages,  
After middle school teenagers can go to colledge or continue study in high school. 

High school in Ukraine

There is no difference between middle school. The same schoolmaters, the same teacher. 
The same subject plus some new: astronomy, economics, medicine for girls and military preparation for boys.

After high school everybody pass the test. You must pass Ukrainian language and history of Ukraine, because it's obvious for any university. Than you can choose English, math, geography, biology and others, depending what you need to enter the university. 

So you pass school test and recieved a certeficate which is the entrance ticket to the University.

University in Ukraine

There is 3 educational level:
1. Bachelor - you need to study 4 years. It's basic high education.
2. Specialist - one more year. It's full high education.
3. Master - one or two more year. 
A lot of university now have only bachelor and  master, without specialist, and it's the same!

To enter the Ukrainian university you gives result's of school test and see your rate, is you can study here. Foreigners at first enter to preparation faculty, they study Ukrainian or Russian language depending on university for a year. Than thay can study at university.
Studying at university is different and strongly depends on university. 

Main differences from US: you can't go to the first grade to the university, and don't know what do ou want to study in future. You need to know 100%, because from the first lesson you begin to study your occuparion. 

Is you enter to economy, you can't study one year and than decided to be an engineer. You can, but you need to pass exams again and enter to the 1'st course of university. 
Is you decided to choose occupaton, you always begin ftom the first course.

You can't choose subjects. 
If you decided to be a manager, you need to study everything, what all managers study. You cant's choose or refuse from some subjects.

Lessons is 80 min and everyday you can have 3-5 lessons. 
There is lectures and practice.
There can be 100-150  people on the lecturse, but practice is always with groups of students, where is 25-30 person.

Studying years devides into 2 or sometimes 3 semesters. After every semester you pass exams. 

All other stuff is very different in every university. 
Students life is awesome, what can I say! 

Studying at university can be comercial or payless. If you aer so smart, have excelent results of exams, or according ro the law you need it (don't pay for education) you can study payless. Others must pay, and it's really expensive for Ukrainians (of course, not for all, just in average)
Soon I will add the most popular university in Ukraine for foreigners! Stay with me ;)  

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