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Souvenirs from Ukraine

It doesn't matter why do you go to Ukraine. Is it business trip, just travelling or some other purpose. You need to buy some souvenirs which will remind you about Ukraine.
You can use everything what you want as souvenir , but I will tell you about traditional ukrainian things, that you can buy in Ukraine for you and your friends.
In this article I don't tell you about fridge magnet or something else "Made in China" just with different names of countries.
I tell about traditional Ukrainian things.

Souvenir №1. Vyshyvanka.

Vyshyvanka is traditional Ukrainian cloth with stitchery. You can buy shirt for man and shirt or dress for woman.
There is hudge diversity of vyshyvanka, because each region of our country have it's own design.

Traditionally vyshyvanka was made by hand, and we still have this version, but it's very expensive. So often we made it by ourself for ourself or buy it.
I think I need to make a separate video about vyshyvanka, becouse it's very serious and ethnic Ukrainian thing.
Ukrainians belived that every stitch, every little picture in vyshyvanka have hudge energetic impact for all of the life. Traditionally we have different vyshyvanka for baby, children, not married girl, married woman, man and other stuff. There is special vyshyvanka only for wedding, only for baptizm and other important events.
Ukrainians always stitch and they believed that they stitch their destiny.
Also we have stitchery towel - also very traditional thing. But vyshyvanka is more useful in life for you.

We still have spesial towel for wedding, and there is a lot of superstitions about it. A lot of girls buy it on the market but I decided made it by myself.

So vyshyvanka - it's crazy traditional things, that is very important to every ukrainin.
After ukrainian revolution vyshyvanka become so popular so you can find it everywhere. And also every year we have vyshyvanka parade, so cool event. There is all celebreties, politics, famous people... You must be there or be square.

Vyshyvanka will cost from 10 dollars.

President Poroshenko with his family in vyshyvanka

Souvenir №2. Something with stitchery

If you don't want to buy a vyshyvanka, you can buy something with this print. It can be bag, pillow, socks, wallet, hat and everything else. It will be cheap and great souvenir too.

Souvenir №3. Ceramic and clay dishes.

Clay is traditional Ukrainian material which is used for building houses, making dishes, furniture, for beauty and other stuff.
Ukrainian painted clay dishes is eco clean and can be very useful. You can use it for food or just have at home as souvenir.

It will cost from 5-10 dollars.

Souvenir № 4. Doll "Motanka"

Ethnic ukrainian doll which was made by hand without stitchery. They have different design. All of this doll have speacial meaning and can protect the house from the evil spirit.

Souvenir №5. Pysanka

On Easter we always paint eggs. But we do it not in the way putting on the box with paint (traditionally), we use a lot of different stuff to decorate and paint egg. To make a pysanka, painted egg, it's kind of art in Ukraine. Very traditional and beautiful. We always have a lot of exhibition, every year at school we have competition and children can give the freedom for their fantasy.
Also we have a lot of museums of pysanka and monuments of pysanka.
As you know, the biggest Ukrainian community in the world is in Canada, so there is the biggest pysanka monument in Vegreville, Alberta. Canada.

Pysanka will cost from 7 dollars.

Museum of pysanka, Kolomyya, Ukraine

The biggest Ukrainian pysanka in Canada

If you go to Carpathians, there is Ukrainians who live in the mountin. And you know, people who live in the mountin they are a little different from other population. So they have a little different culture and traditional things. There is a hudge amount of wood in Carpathians, so traditional things there is everything what is made by wooden. People have wooden houses, wooden furniture and a lot of wooden stuff. So you can choose something for you.

That's the most traditional ethnic things in Ukraine.
If you find some other interesting things in Ukrainee - write me here. We are former Soviet country and maybe a lot of stuff that we don't notice can be souvenirs for foreigners.

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