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Religion in Ukraine

Religion is very beautiful, but very strong thing and sometimes it have such a big influence on the people's life in the country. What is the religion in Ukraine and how much we feel it impact in our life?

Ukraine is multireligious country.
Most people in Ukraine are christians, but also we have muslims (6% of populatioan) and other religion.
If you belong to some christian, muslim or even buddism religion, you must know that there in Ukraine you can find place to be with your God.
And also you will never be hurted because of religion in Ukraine.

Now I will tell you a little more about each religious branches in Ukraine.

Officially Ukraine is christian orthodox country and history of christianity in Ukraine begins from 988 year, when knyaz (like king) of Kyiv Rus decided baprized country into Christian religion.
Kyiv Rus was an anchient country which exsist in 9-13 century and was located on terriroty of modern Ukraine, Belorussia and little part of Russia and it's capital was in Kyiv.
So since that time anchient ukrainians become christian orthodox.

Why orthodox?

Because in that time Kyiv Rus was very development state and need to have a some relaionship with other state that exsist in that time. So our knyaz decided that for our state have some union with Visatnia instead of Roma, who manage all catholic states, will be better.

Why officialy we are orthodox country?

Because we have days off in orthodox holidays: Chritmas, Easter and celebrate other holidays.
According to statistic there is 69,2% of population is orthodox in Ukraine.

Actually we have 4 branches of orthodox churches: 
1) Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Kyiv Patriarchate;
2) Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Moscow Patriarchate;
3) Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church;
4) Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church Canonical

Ukrainian and Russian orthodox churches is different. You will read about difference in next blogpost.

What gives us orthodox church?

1. Names. Ukrainians as a slavic nations had slavic names and orthodox religion present us new greek saints names. Yes, that are a little modified, but mostly they have analog in other country.
2. Orthodox holiday. I know that we have a lot of holidays that aren't celebrated by cathiloc world.
 Of course it gave us a lot, but this is things that I know.

Also I must to say, that there is nominative percent of orthodox.
As Ukraine was in USSR and it was atheistic country, there is generation which grew up in atheistic policy.
After Ukraine become independant a lot of people baptized in orthodox but they still be agnostic.
They believe that there is some God, but they don't go to the church, they not fasted and don't do a lot of things that must do orthodox.

I lives in city which was on the border with West Ukraine. And when I go to other sity which is in one hour from me, and located in West Ukraine that was under the Poland, I see hudge dofference between people.
If you work on Sunday they'll say that you are crazy and don't respect God.
If you do this in my city, nobady care about it.
The same about christian holidays, fasting and other stuff.
So I think 50% of all orthodox is agnostic.

As Kyiv was a capital of Kyiv Rus, there is a lot of oldest church in Ukraine.

Here they are:

St. Sophia’s Cathedral, Kyiv, 1011year

Mykhailivsky cathedral, Kyiv. 1113 year

Myhailivsky cathedral, Kyiv, 1113 year
Myhailivsky cathedral, Kyiv, 1113 year

Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, Kyiv. 1051 year
Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, Kyv, 1051 year
Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, 1051 year

Сhernihiv cathedral, North Ukraine. 1036 year

Armenian cathedral in Lviv, West Ukraine, 1363 year

St. Yutiy cathedral, Drohobysh. West Ukraine, 1424
Izyum Cathedral, East Ukraine, 1684

Slovianogirsk church, 1650 year, South Ukraine

St.Andrew's church, Kyiv, 1767 year
Pochaiv lavra, West Ukraine. 1791
Pochaiv Lavra, West Ukraine. 1791
Pochaiv Lavra, West Ukraine. 1791
Church in Novomoskovsk, East Ukraine. 1775
Antonivka, Chernigiv region. North Ukraine, 1914


Catholics have the second place in Ukraine.
Statistic says that near 16% of population is catholic.
14.1% is greek catholic, and only 1.7% is rome-catholic.
As West Ukraine for a long time was under power of catholic Poland, most catholics are in West Ukraine. 
Lattin cathedral, Lviv, West Ukraine, 1493

Dominicans cathedral, Lviv, West Ukraine, 1749

Dominicans cathedral, Ternopil, West Ukraine, 1749

Cathedral in Ivano-Frankivsk, West Ukraine. 1763
Alexandr cathedral, the oldest in Kyiv. 1817
St.Elithabeth and Olga's cathedral, Lviv, West Ukraine, 1911

St.Elithabeth and Olga's cathedral, Lviv, West Ukraine, 1911

Ternopil cathedral, West Ukraine
St.Yur cathedral, Lviv, West Ukraine 


Protestants have 2.4% of population in Ukraine.
We have a lot of protestant branches in Ukraine:
1. Ukrainian Lutheran Church
2. Ukrainian Mennonite Church
3. Seventh-day Adventist Church in Ukraine
4. Calvary Church in Ukraine
5. Church of Evangelical Christians-Baptists in Ukraine
6. Church Evangelical Pentecostals in Ukraine
7. Charismatic Churches in Ukraine

The biggest of them are next.


Baptists have the 3-rd place on rate and they have 8.9% of christians, but not big percent in general rate.
The first baptist appears in 1852 years in Ukraine.
Inspite it so old, it becomes very popular in Ukraine.
Now we have a lot of churches here and I always see a lot of activity of baptists church.
Baptist church, Lviv, West Ukraine
Baptists church, Kyiv


There is 5,6% of pentacostals.

It appears in 1920 year in West Ukraine.
There is more then 200 churches in Ukraine today.
Pentacostal church, Lviv, West Ukraine

Jehovah's Witnesses

There is 3.8% of this community and almost 150 000 of people.
The first congress of Jehovah's Witnesses was in 1926 in West Ukraine. 

Seventh-day Adventists

There is 3.7% of christian belong to this community in Ukraine. It appeared at the end of 19 century in Ukraine.
Church in Kyiv

Church in Chernigiv, Central  Ukraine


We don't have a lot of mormons in Ukraine. This religion comes to Ukraine 25 years ago and now we have more then 11 000 of people. 
But I metnioned mormons here because I know that we have Mormon temple in Ukraine that is one to all East Europe and the third large in the world. Maybe it helps some mormons who see my video. 
Mormon temple become the best religious building in 2010 year.
Mormon temple, Kyiv
Mormon temple, Kyiv
Mormon temple teritory, Kyiv 
Mormon temple, Kyiv


There is 0.2% of population but we have a lot of synagogues in Ukraine.
We have a lot of people in ukrainian authority who belong to this community, so this church develope for free here.
Synagogue, Dnipropetrovsk, East Ukraine
Synagogue, Dnipropetrovsk, East Ukraine
Brodsky synangogue, Kyiv
Brodsky synagogue, Kyiv


As Ukraine was located on the border of christian and muslim world, we have old history of islam here.  Of course, there is not a lot of muslims in Ukraine and most of them lives in Crimea.
But we have a lot of muslim churches in Ukraine and if you are muslim, you can find church here and have time here.
We have 3 million of muslims here.
There is the biggest islam complex in Ukraine in Kyiv. It consist of mosque calls "Al-Rakhma" and it's one of the biggest mosque in Europe.
Also it has room for learning, minaret and other things.

Al Rakhma mosque, Kyiv

Al Rakhma mosque, Kyiv

Donetsk, mosque,East Ukraine
As-Salam mosque, Odessa, South Ukraine
As-Salam mosque, Odessa, South Ukraine
Mariupol mosque, East Ukraine

And it's just the biggest religious branches in Ukraine.
Also we have hare krishnas, buddhists, ukrainian natioinal believeness and a lot of others.

So as you see, Ukraine is multireligious country and if you are christian, muslim or belong to other religion, you can find your community here in Ukraine and have time for God.

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