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How to exchange money in Ukraine

Exhanging money - i's first thing what you can do in any country to make your trip comfortable. Money exchange is different in every country and how is it in Ukraine, I will thell you in this article.

How you can exchange money in Ukraine?

Here is 3 ways: go to the bank, go to some exchange office or go to person who exchange money.
The last one way with person is illegal and they work illegaly so I don't suggest you really to deal with them. You can have great problm with police.
So the other two.

Exchang in bank

We have such a stupid rules of exchanging money for foreigners in bank. It happens because it's forbidden to buy dollars, euros or any othes currency in Ukraine except gryvnya for foreigners.
I think it's because exchange rate, that you can't buy dollars in Ukraine, then sell it in Europe and have some extra money.

At first you need passport to exchange money. Everyone need it, even ukrainians.
And second,  if you go to bank, they will change you money and give you special sertificate.
You must keep it, because reverse exchange of unused cash hryvnias into foreign currency may be performed if the reference certificate.

Of course there is more easy way: you just can ask some ukrainians to do this.

Exchange office

They have the same rules as bank, but in practice they don't do this. I don't know how they don't have problems with poliece, but anyway, it's fact. 
They don't ask you passport and so they don't give you any certificate and other stuff. It's faster and more easy to exchange money. 
Yes, they broke the law because they don't keep all this rules, but even if someone see it, so they will have problem, not you.
So it's the most safe way to exchange money fast and easy.

 Can you use dollars or euro in Ukraine?

As ukrainian  currency is gryvnya, we can't officcially use foreign currency.
So it's like you can use in on market or with some person. maybe you can pay for some servises like haircuts, or make-up.

But indeed you can't pay in restaurant, pharmacy,  hotels, super-market, any other shop, who works legaly and have cash register. 

So in 90% you need ukrainian currency and I describe you two way how you can exchange money legally. 

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