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Top 5 online services that help you in Ukraine

When you go to other country and don't know language and all of stuff in country, you are a littleconfudsed. 
But calm down, I'll explain you everything.
Hopefully we live in Internet century and online services makes your life and travelling more easy.
Here is top 5 online services that can help you in Ukraine.


It's awesome service that helps you book any hotel or apartment in Ukraine. It's not Ukrainian service but i works well in Ukraine. I always use it here when I trevel in Ukraine. 
You can choose hotel on map, so you can find the closest to some place or your friends. 
You can see picture of room, and book it for free without any payment. So you pay for room when you come to hotel. And also you can  refuse of booking for free, if your plans have changed.

I suggest you always book hotel, because we have a lot of them, but very often there is no free place. So you can find the best room for the best price here and book it.


Other awesome service which helps you to buy tickets for some events in all Ukraine. You can buy tickets to theatre, concert, festivals, night clubs, exhibition, sports event and some other. It have english version and works very well in Ukraine.


State online service which helps you to buy tickets for train. 
It have easy interface and very simple to use, but I will write you with screenshots how to buy a ticket there. 

So you just can choose seats and type od vagon. Than you can pay bu your credit card and printed a bill. That's all what you need.
Very helpful for foreigners, because woman on the reailways station mostly don' dpeak English.


Service of taxi in Kyiv. We have a lot of similar servie, but it have English version. Generally we always call taxi exactly when we nned and it's come in 3-5 minutes. 
But also this service give you oppotrunity to make advance order, choose time when you need a taxi. 


I think you know this service. It's international service where you can find people from other country and stay at their home for free. It gives you a lot of new friends, you can know better about people's life in the country and  can be really interesting. I just want to say that this service works well in Ukraine and you can use it.  

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