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Ukrainian food

Very very tasty theme is here and we speak about ukrainian food.
Ukraine have very diverse food so everybody can find something for him.
Ukrainian food isn't easy to prepare, so we don't have recipe like tacos, that can be prepared in 7 minutes. 
Mostly of traditional ukrainian food prepares 30-60 minutes and that's why you can find there a lot of new taste that you never try before.
Ukrainian food is very healthy and include all microelements and vitamins that our body need.
And don't speak more, go to the best food in the world! (I don't want offence other national food, it's just joke).


1. Borsh. It's Ukrainian dish #1. Everybody like it so much, even Russian, that sometimes they said that it's their national food. This people are liars, because russians have other soups, and borsh is only ukrainian.
It is soup from beet with other vegetables. Beet is key ingredient in this soup and that's why it has red colour.

1. Vareniki. It's dough with some filling. It can be with any filling, but the most popular is cheese, potatoes, cabbage, chicken and cherry.

2. Deruny. It's potato pancake. If you buy it in restaurant, it's often have some addition: meat or mashrooms. It's very tasty!

3. Nalisniki. It's gently pancake with some filling. Can be chesse with strawbarry, cheese with banana, cheese with chocolate and banana and cream... shortly, it can be with cheese and something else. It's awesome dessert.

4. Syrnyk. Pancake from cheese. Very sweety. Can be like main dish or dessert.

5. Pechenya. It's food making on the oven and oftenly include potatoes, and some vegetables, meat or mushrooms. It depends on the restaurant becouse everybody try to create their own recipe. It's tasty too and sometimes can be very spicy.

And of course salo - traditional Ukrainian products. But to be honest, I hate it. I think you must be prepared for this type of food. It's pig's fat. But a lot of people like it.

Ukrainian soft drink

1. Uzvar. Soft drink. It's boiled dryed fruits. Ukrainians like it, but for foreigners it's strange. 
2. Kvas. I'm not sure that this is Ukrainian, maybe slavs, but it's awesome drink that made from bread, very popular here. It can have different taste, but it's cool. You can buy it in the shop, but it's better to try in some Ukrainian restaurant. Because they made it by themselves. 

3. Kysil. I don't know if I can call it drink, it's something in the middle. It's very thick drink from fruits.

It's just the most taste part of our food. Other will be later,

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