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Ukrainian lesson #5. How to inroduce yourself in Ukrainian

If you come to Ukraine with private or business visit and you will meet ukrainians, it's always very useful to know how intoduce yourself in Ukrainian. You wiil show that you respect this country and people who you speak with. Of course, after this people give you everything you want)

So here is the list of most popular phrases, how to introduce yourself.

Ви розмовляєте (українською, англійською)?
Vy rosmovlyaete (ukrayinskoyu, anglijskoyu)?
Do you speak (Ukrainian/ English)?
Just a little.
Як вас звати?
Yak vas zvaty?
What's your name?
Мене звати ….
Mene zvaty…
My name is ...
Nice to meet you!
Ви дуже добрі
Vy duzhe dobri
You're very kind!
Звідки ви?
Zvidky vy?
Where are you from?
Я з…
Ya z …
I'm from (the U.S/ Spain)
Де ви живете?
De vy zhyvete?
Where do you live?
В …
I live in (the U.S/ France)
Ну як вам?
Nu yak vam?
Did you like it here?
Україна дуже гарна
Ukrayina duzhe harna
Ukraine is a wonderful country
Ким ви працюєте?
Kym vy pratsyuyete?
What do you do for a living?
Ya …
Я …
I work as a (translator/ businessman)
О, класно!
O, klasno!
Oh! That's good!
Скільки вам років?
Skilky vam rokiv?
How old are you?
I'm (twenty, thirty...) years old.
Мені треба йти
Menia treba ity
I have to go
Я повернусь
Ya povernus
I will be right back!

All of this phrases you can say in different version. I'll give you the example of the most simple phrases, where is minimum of words and the easist for pronunciation.

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