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Traditional spring ukrainian holidays. Easter

There is a lot of spring holidays in Ukraine. But Easter have spesial tradition so there is a special article for this holiday. We don't have Easter rabbit, but we have something more interesting.
Easter calls Великдень (Velykden) in Ukrainians and literally we can translate it as Big Day.
We have some traditional things: paska, pysanka and activity.

We have special greeting in this day.
Everyone must say 3 times: "Христос воскрес!" (Hrystos Voskres!) what means Christ is Risen.
And you must give the answer: "Воістину воскрес" (Voistynu voskres) what means Forever Risen.


It's traditional Ukrainian kind of bread what bakes specially only for this holiday. There is a lot of recipe but Paska always have similar look.
Of course you can buy it, but every respected woman made it by herself.

Also there is not only 1 item. There can be 5-10-20 items of Paska.


Name "pysanka" is from pysaty - to draw. So it means that you draw on the egg.
Traditionally ukrainians belived that every picture on egg is important so we even have kind of art how to draw on the egg.
Week before Easter we have a lot of activity where we painted eggs and you can create whatever you want.

Every year we have exhibition on the school and city, have competition in painting egg at school so you can give freedom for your fantasy.
We use hot wax to create this beauty. Also you can use more simple way - stickers, but you can't pretend on high estimation of your lazy work.

Then we put Paska and eggs into the busket, also some other food and go to the church to sanctify it by holy water.

You can see that pictures in Ukraine at Easter night:

All people stay and wait Prist to sanctify their food.
You need to have a candle also and stitchery towel, to cover the food after this.

Easter we celebrate with our family.
Also we have tradition knocked by egg. Two person take eggs and which egg still alive, he wins.

 That's all interesting tradition of this hily days.
What traditions is in your country? How do you celebrate? Share your traditions on comments.

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