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Ukrainian marriage agencies: testemonials and reviw

Well, a lot of you guys, who are interested in Ukraine, are interested in Ukrainian woman. Most guys wna tot find love in Ukraine and Ukrainian wife. Well, that's noble purpose! I don't know if it's true that all Ukrainian woman is one of the best in our planet, but if it's world's opinion, so well, I agree.
The best way to find love in Ukraine and marry to Ukrainian woman is dealing with marriage agencies.
I've never deal with them, but to give you the most objective information and warn of impostors.
All what I will write below, it's just from ukrainian news and forums, so maybe something will make sence for you, maybe something not.
I try to concentrate on bad things, because you know advantages without me. But in any way I hope this article will help you to find answer on many questions.
So, if you are interested, prepare for reading :-)

You are rich pocket for girls

Situation, when foreigners come for dating with their future wife become dissapointing safter they see her face in life is very very widespread. Private detective said that only 30% of this girls realy want to find their love and marry with foreigners. 70% is just impostors and their goal is just recieved as more money from you, as they can.
If you still believe in warm feelings and that every girl want to find her prince, she is dissapointing in Ukrainian boys and decided to find man abroad - you are naiv. Mostly girls, who registered in marriage web-cite have only goal to earn money. This is just "job" for them. I find a lot of job offers in marriage agencies on Ukrainian web-sites.

They speak with 10-20 clients at the same time, write you what you want to hear, use video-chat and this is all for taking more money from you soon. Ask money for translators, gifts, language courses, tickets, healthcare or something else... This money they devide with agencies and that's great business.

Very often this girls are already married, have children or at least boyfriend. They share their experience in this "job" with each other in forums and it's not closed information. Actually, I read this in blog and just try to summerize everything in article.

So what they need to take more money from you?

1. Great portfolio. I think 99% of girls hire professional photographer to make awesome pictures. So mostly time it's their real photos. Why they looks like model? Oh, guys, you don't know about Photoshop and other editor? All pictures can be edited so much, that the most horrible woman become beautiful princess after that. Just look at some non-profesional pictures, what I found in social network:


 So to make model from any girl is not such a big problem. You just need good camera and computer skills. So if you asked her if she has real pictures - she answered: "Yes!" and maybe she tell the truth, but... Photo editor can corrected her face so much...
But of course, sometimes they can use other pictures, but id doesn't make sense if they want to speak with video...

2. Video chat. Most girls wan to speak with you to make more trust and then ask money for something. because they can't earn a lot of money just in letters. It's boring and take a lot of time.

3. Girls ask you give them money for tickets, studying, health or something else.  Sure, they never come to you or go study after that. Unfortunately, it's very popular situation.

Some foreigners think that Ukrainian woman are "available product"

Most foreigners are confident that we live so poor there, that it's enough just propose to live abroad and say that you have money, and every woman agree with hapiness. A lot of women, who really want to find their love (sometimes it happens too, I can't deny it), they complaine that man perceive them as cheap product, and think that they will be quiet and very well wife. They just will sit at home and service her huband. 
Haha, oh, you are so wrong! Our woman is very demanding! Not all of course, but most time they need gifts, restaurants, SPA-salons, travelling abroad and awesome clothers! Espesially girl with model face! You need to realize it.

Look at my family. I have husband. He prepared breakfast for me mostly time, cook dinner, every week make me some surprise, he go shopping with me, clean the house.. And he don't want that I do some physical work and I don't want too. And also he has his business and all day working!  And my family is not unique. All of my friends have the same situation.

So you guys are wrong is you see that woman will service you.
You know, it was true in USSR time. That's my mom can wake up at 6 o'ckock, prepare food for all day, then go to work, then return to home, sit with choldren, clean the house and do other stuff. So if you want that type of woman, you need to look for 50+.
My generation of girls is so different from this ideal!

Agencies are fooling both girls and boys

Mostly time agencies fool foreigners, but in some cases girls also suffer. How they do this?

1. All letters go from their post. And you pay for every letter. Some ukrainian girls don't know language and they need interpreter to write a letter. They can write one thing, but translator can add something from herself - to push you write more and more letters, and of course to pay more and more money to agency.

2. You want to give a gift for you girl. Mostly times foreigners don't know real price and websites where they can order some flowers, jewelery or certificate to SPA-salon. They ask agency about it. If agency has 10-15% of rent - it's normal. But a lot of time they have 200-300% of rent, because foreignres mostly time don't know price.
Also there is a situation, when they deal with dirls, take picture with some gift, but in real life just devide money what you pay them.

3. Woman, that you are speak with, can be man. One 50years old owner of agencies confess, that very often he send letters from himself to other man from the name of woman. Sometimes there are not enough girls for speaking with candidates, so they hire boy. They also speak with you, ask you about money and when you ask for meeting, he refuse and tell that find other candidate...

4. The most dangerous place is Odessa. It's like capital of ukrainian bride, which mostly time wants only money from you.

Where I can find real Ukrainian wife?

If you live in Ukraine - you can find girls everywhere, mostly in club. There is some club in big cities, which are mostly for foreigners and girls, which go there, are ready to find foreigner boyfriend or husband. At least you can payless speak with her, see her face and understand what you need.
If you want to find old woman - well, I even don't know what suggest. Just through some people or because of work.
Also you can use offline marriage agencies.

Which agencies in Ukraine I need to trust?

If you are not in Ukraine, you can try to find girl through social network  - Vkontakte (we use is instead of Facebook), or of course use marriage agencies. 
At first you need to trust international marriage agencies, which exist for a long time and have awesome reputation and review.

What about ukrainian agencies - you choice, but I try to read testemonials about the most popular agencies and show you here.


  "I pay money for speaking, and speak with a lot of beautiful girls. They all want to find love and all was very good. But when I try to lest my contacts to them, they all refuse.. like in other time, not now... Finally I meet with one girl and she confess, that they all work in Anastasia, They recieved salary and comision. There is no any other girls"
" I worked in Anastasia. They fool me, because promice to pay, and don't pay for a long time"
"...Maybe if I talked to three or so, I could find out which one really liked me and then find love. So after a few months, I came back to Ukraine again. I met one lady in Kharkov and two in Odessa. It was just a bigger disaster. The lady in Kharkov was nice enough, I guess. But she wanted an iPad. I left Kharkov disappointed of course. I took my hopeful expectations to Odessa, I spent a wonderful day with one lady. But she wanted me to buy her some really expensive shoes. I refused of course. We parted on good terms, but the next day the interpreter informed me that she has decided to back to her old boyfriend...

...Now, I am sure she never left him. I met the third lady on the last day, we had a nice brief meeting. And she did not ask me to buy anything. So we decided that we would try again on the next trip.

I should add that the ladies never really asked me for anything. She just shops and picks up different items. The interpreter asks for her. I came to Ukraine with such high hopes after spending thousands at this website. I arrived at Ukraine only to be greeted by women who seemed to be complete strangers and outrageous rates for cabs, interpretation, and other services. It was horrible.

Still not having learned my lesson, I returned again. This time I met one lady in Kharkov and returned to Odessa to see the lady from my previous meeting. But of course, I ran into the same thing. It was as if the person writing me the letters and the person I met were two different people. There was no warmth, nothing familiar. They were just professionals handling me. 

So I stopped going to the website. I did return briefly a couple of months ago. I met a ballerina who lived in Kharkov. I sent her information to a friend of mine, I wanted to see if this was a real person. He gave me her vk profile. So I contacted her. To my surprise, I received no response at all. 

Finally, I was completely done with the site. 

AnastasiaDate is the same as every other expensive Ukrainian dating site in this industry. You will get dozens of beautiful women wanting to talk to you every day. But it so expensive and nothing is guaranteed. I don't think the women are very honest. I have evidence that many women there have boyfriends or are married already. AnastasiaDate claims that they have exclusive women. I asked about this policy. Of course, they do not. You can find many women at their website at other places. When I tried to show the customer service agent this, he pretended not to understand me. . "

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