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Are you scammed by ukrainian girls?

Many visitors of my YouTube channel and blog are interested in Ukraine because of ukrainian girls. After my article about ukrainian marriage agencies a lot of you started to think that you are scammed. You write me a lot and ask to give you advice. Maybe some of you don't want to share his story and stayed on his own with his questions. 
So I decided to write this article, which helps you make decision: are you scammed by ukrainian girls or not?

I don't deal with marriage agencies, I don't have my own agency and that's why everything what I tell you is only my opinion and my logic. You often ask me for advice - this is my advice) But it's your right listen it or not. 

So, what I think about all this activity. I will ask question and then give my answer to them. You can do the same, and then compare our logic).

At the beginning I say: stop beliving that somewhere grass is greener. Stop thinking about beautiful ukrainian girls who sit alone and waiting for fairytale prince from other countries. We are not isolated from world and we already know and have everything, what we want in Ukraine. It's not USSR time, when realy girls don't have anuthing to compare with other developed world. USSR is already fall down but stereotypes of woman still live. 

So I just tell my opinion step by step.

Step 1. Why girls decided to look for foreign husband?

Fisrt of all you need to realize, that girl who you speak with decided come to marriage agency for looking husband. So not just got aquainted with some new man and maybe in prospectives have some relationship - but exactly to find husband. There are a lot of night clubs or other places where you can meet only foreigners. But she decided go to agency looking for husband. Why she do that?

a) she can't true love in Ukraine, because all man are poop there;
b) she live in so poor country and want to find better life;
c) ukrainian man don't know how to service girls.

If you choose one of this answer - you are very naive and don't know anything about Ukraine and life here. 
Comment each of this variant:
 a) True love. We all know that relationship on distance is very hard. It's hard even if you live in different cities. What to tell, if you live in different continents and side of the world? How she imagine your dating? What about going out together on weekends, going to restaurants, cinema, hiking or something else? How you will have relationship. if you have never meet? It will be artificial, because you don't see person, son't see his and her behavior and other important things. 

But the same about you. Why you decided to look for girls abroad? Because all woman in your country want just money? You think Ukrainian girls want something else? What else if you can't give her anything on distance except money? In other case you need to live there to give her your warm in lonely evening and beautiful moments of spending time together. 

b) She live in poor country. If look at official data, Ukraine is kind of poor country. But it's average rate. In fact we just have a lot of very poor people (not as poor as in India), and a lot of rich people. So we don't have a lot of people on the middle. 
But also it's not so hard to find normal job. If you have a desire, if you are smart - you will find great job and than can earn good money in good position of company. But it's if you have a desire to live better. If you just sit and cry how poor you are - nothing has changed. 
So life in Ukraine is not as poor as you think. At the same time, we have a lot of rich man there. if you don't want to earn money by yourself - you can find rich boyfriend or husband. He will buy car, apartment, clothers for you and give money for shopping. It's not a rare situation - we have a lot of rich man in Ukraine. Enough for girls, who are looking better life. 

c) Ukrainian man don't know how to service girls. It's what I already said. Ukrainian man are very different. There are rich man who can buy everything for you, there are a lot of man who love cooking and cleaning house for his wife, there are evertyone who you want. 

But in case if there is situation that girls want to find foreign husband for any other purpose, move to other step.

Step 2. Does she know your language or common language for you both?

Ok, it's fact. Girl decided to look for foreign husband and her purpose is clear for you. Does she know language? English or any other, that she can speak with you?

a) If girl know language:

Well, if she know language, she can use marriage agency to find some new acquaintance, but in first letter she will give you her email, skype on any other way, how you can speak with her. What the purpose to write letters to your future husband via agencies email? Maybe someone will read them or use in father for some bad purpose. It's more times better to speak private through personal email.
If she don't understand it, you can ask at the beginning give other contacts, because you pay for each letters and of course, you spend money that you can not spend. Every normal girl will agree. If she refuse - so she want that you spend money. 
So you are already scammed!  

The same about Skype. You often tell me that girls said that they are not ready for skyping after long time of your speaking or can't install it on computer. Is it not ridiculous? 
They are already ready if they decided to look for husband and go to mariage agencies! 
I understand if you find her somewhere in social network, on street or any other place, so she really can be not ready to speak with you. But she comes to marriage agency for looking husband! And don't want to speak with him face by face. Where is logic? You need to speak with man or girl to understand that he is boring, he has ugly voice, he (she) doesn't looks like you want or something else. How you can speaking by email? You are not teenagers)

You are scammed again! 

Don't try to find any other excuse for that. Because you just fire your money and time. 

b) If girl don't know language:

How she imagine relationship with foreign man if she don't now common language with you? At least English? 
If girl want to find foreign husband, she need to know language) If she don't know, there is two other way:
1) Find foreigners who know Ukrainian/Russian language. We have a lot of this type of people here - they come for studying at university or working in international companies. They all speak our language.

2) Find ukrainian, russian or any other man from former USSR, who moved to USA, Mexica, or European countries and then go to live with him in his country.

But if she decided speak with you through translator - it's ridiculous! How you can build relationship with each other through other person? How you can say her warm words? How she can feel you? Just through translator? Can you fall in love through translator? Just with translator... hehe

Or she don't need feelings, she want just money so it's less she understand you - more better is that) You will not fed up her with any favour - she just said: sorry, I can't understand you. I'm, go shopping)

You are scammed.

If she promise to learn language, why she didn't do theat before? And nothing wierd if she will ask you give money to translator.
If you still believe after that in love, how you will imagine your life? You hope she will learn the language. But what in case she can't? Do you know that there are a lot of people who live in States and still don't know language? Mexicans, russians from Brooklyn and other nation.... So it's not fact that she can learn language. And are you ready for waiting 10 years?

That's my logic. 
Think about all this things.
Don't be naive.

You can find girl, you can find wife on that way - but not love - just woman who will spend you money. 
If you want to meet Ukrainian or Russian woman  - use websites for acquaitance, not for mariage. There are some scammers too, but much less, and this websites is payless.

Which websites - see on my next article.

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