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Park Sophiivka in Uman

All of us know that the best actor, sculptor and architect - it's nature. Only nature can create unreal beauty, landscapes, forms and colours. But we can try to create something similar by our hand and it calls arboretum. One os the most beautiful arboretum in Ukraine is Sophiivka.
Place which become a memorial of love, it's on top-list of the most romantic places, and it must be in to-do  in Ukraine list.

It's really one of the most beautiful park in Ukraine and world. It was build in 19 century on the honour of Sophia Pototska. She was wife of Polish knyas. And now even one asteroid was named as Sofiivka - on the honour of this park. And also one polish writer devoted poetry to this place.
When you comes there, you must feel yourself like in anchient Greece or Rome. There are fountains and ponds, waterfalls,  lakes, rocks and statues of Roman Gods.
Creators of this park try to implement some episodes from "Iliad" and "Odyssey" of Homer.

Park is the most beautiful in May, when there are a lot of flowers. But I think, nature is beautiful in any season!

Awesome landscapes, good air, quite of nature - all of this things you can find in Sofiivka. If you love nature, it's place where you need to be.
Tourists can swim in underground river, take a lot of pictures is anchient cloths, and have a lot of fun!

This park is located in Uman, Cherkassy region. It's not a big, very quiet city.
And my report from Sophiivka, who is interested, you are welcome!

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