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Ukrainian marriage agencies. Interview with owner

I have a lot of articles about marriage agencies in Ukraine, but this is only my opinion and it’s everything in theory. Today I have an interview with an owner of a marriage agency in Ukraine – Misha Mordinson and he will share his opinion regarding everything that is related to marriage agencies based on his experience.

Can you tell us a bit about the agency you represent and also what makes your agency different from dozens of others in Ukraine?

First of all I want to thank you for this opportunity to talk to your followers, this is really great! I represent Mordinson marriage agency, it’s a family owned company, we are located in the city called Kharkov which is the second largest city of Ukraine. We have been working since 1999, so it’s been 16 years since we started working.

As I said we are located in Kharkov and we only work with the ladies who live in Kharkov and do not work with anybody else, because we want to be able to personally meet every lady who wants to join the agency. So when a lady wants to join the agency she has to personally come to our office for an interview, and we do not accept any on-line applications or applications by phone, we actually want to talk a person before we accept the lady to be a member of the agency.

You asked me what differs us from the other agencies. I think there are many things, but what I just said about the ladies having to personally come to our office is one of the things. But probably the most important things is that we understand that our success as an agency relies on the success of our clients and that’s why we make sure that the ladies who join the agency are interested in serious relationship, this is number 1 thing we want to establish when a lady comes to the agency and we interview her. And the second thing is of course because we are an international marriage agency and all our male clients are from abroad, we have to and we make sure that the ladies who join the agency are open to the idea of moving abroad if they meet the right man in the agency.

Can you explain to us briefly how people meet in the Mordinson agency?

This process of course consists of two parts, the part of the lady and and a man. When a lady decides to join the agency she comes to our office for an interview. A man finds our web site and he can have a look at the gallery of the ladies. The first step is very simple and we offer our clients to do it for free, we don’t charge anything for that. A man writes an introduction letter in which he tells about himself, his life, where he lives, how old is he, whether he was married before or not, whether he has children or not etc. and he sends this letter to us with some of his pictures and the list of the ladies or a lady he wants to be introduced to. We deliver the letter and the pictures to the ladies and we wait for their responses. When a lady receives the letter if she is interested she responds, if she is not interested she tells us and we inform the man.

After a man receives the responses from the ladies who are interested in him, they can communicate through letters, through Skype, telephone calls, and then eventually a man has to personally come to Kharkov to meet the ladies, so this is basically the process.

Why do you think Ukrainian women join your agency?

Of course every person is different and every lady has her own personal motivation when she comes to join the agency. But what we want to establish when a lady comes to our office is that she wants to have relationship. This is number one thing for us. Naturally for a woman to be ready to move abroad and build a family there, she needs to have strong motivation. It’s not an easy process and it takes time and efforts and therefore if a person does not have a strong motivation – it’s not going to work. So when a lady comes to the agency we want to see that a lady has a strong motivation to build relationship in future and get married.

There is a stereotype about Ukrainian women being desperate to get out of Ukraine at whatever cost and this is very untrue. When the ladies come to us and we talk to them, we see that absolute majority of ladies say “I want to find a good man and whether he is from Kharkov or from abroad, it really doesn’t matter to me”. So the ladies see us as an option, maybe she is going to meet her man in Kharkov, but who knows, maybe her man lives on the other side of the world, you just never know. And of course you can find a man in your own town, your own country, but who said you can’t meet the man from abroad.

So the most important thing for us is to make sure and see that the lady has a strong motivation to build the relationship, and if she has it – we are happy to help her!

What do the women look for and what are their requirements?

I don’t know if they have any real special requirements, I think when a woman wants her man to be family oriented and care about his family and love his wife and children, I don’t really think those are special requirements. To me it’s a natural thing. And unfortunately many women here in Ukraine encounter problems even in the most basic foundations of marriage such as men’s loyalty. I think they are just looking for a nice guy who cares about the family they are going to build.

why do your male clients decide to look for a soul mate in Ukraine? And are there any popular requirements men have towards the ladies? Education, occupation, features?

Just like most of our female clients who do not specify which country they want to move to, it’s really not about the country, it’s about the person they want to meet. For the men I think it’s similar, I don’t think that most of our clients want to find a wife only in Ukraine. It’s really not about the country itself, but about the person.

I believe that the fact that in Ukraine even though we live in the modern age and women here work of course, they have careers and so on like anywhere else still in Ukraine women care about their families and building their families a lot more than they care about the career and work and so on. Don’t get me wrong, of course most of the Ukrainian women work, and in most families here both husband and wife work, but it’s just that the priority in most of the cases is the family and relationship and I think this is the main reason why guys from all over the world come here to Ukraine to meet the ladies.

What does a man need to do to receive a positive answer from a Ukrainian woman?

It all starts with an introduction letter, so a man writes a letter, sends this letter to us with some pictures and the list of the ladies he is interested in. I would recommend to write a letter that will be 100% honest and will be an expression of your life, your personality, your interests, you hobbies, so that the lady who is reading this letter can have the exact and clear idea of who you are, what you do and so on. Be yourself, if it’s meant to be – she will be interested in you! So write an honest and open letter, this is the key to success.

Of course we all heard about the scams in marriage agencies and foreign men are concerned about it. Do you check the ladies who come to your agency and regarding their goals?

You know if you watch TV you will get a very depressing picture of the world, because the news are always bad and this is the way they are, because people for some reason are attracted to the negative news. I believe something similar is true regarding he scams in Ukraine. Of course there are people who are like that, but we see from our experience that absolute majority of the Ukrainian women who come to our agency they are decent and they are looking for a man, they aren’t looking to make money but to find a husband.

But of course we understand how important it is and how concerned the men are about it and that's why we have implemented a very simple but bullet proof anti-scam system. As I said we interview each lady who comes to the agency, we check their passports, Olga may have mentioned that in the past, but in Ukraine if you get married you get your passport stamped, and as long as you are going to be married you will have that stamp, and if a person gets divorced there has to be a different stamp. So we check that, we make sure that the lady who wants to join the agency is legally single, it’s very important for us.

But of course you can not get inside someone’s brain or heart just by talking to this person, you just never know, that’s why if a lady after she already became a member of the agency gives us any reason to believe her intentions are not sincere – we remove her from our web site immediately. We’ve been in this business for 16 years and we would not risk the reputation that we earned and so it’s very natural for us and that’s what we do.

How to distinguish a real marriage agency from scammers?

There are many things and one of them is trusting your gut feeling, but there are few things to look out for in order to avoid getting into a trouble.

I’ll give you an example, when you open our web site http://www.mordinson.com you will see the owners of the agency being absolutely upfront and frank about who they are, you know that the agency is owned by the Mordinson family.

You can give me a call, you have a phone number to call in the United States, you have a phone number in Germany – our representative in Germany, you have a phone number in Ukraine, you have a physical address.

You see the gallery of the ladies, the pictures you see in the gallery are large, you can see the quality of the pictures and we post not only pictures but also large size videos of the ladies, so you can see exactly how the lady looks. We take those pictures and the videos in our studio, so they are recent.

And another important thing, some of our former clients share their experiences on our web site, they write testimonials, they make the testimonial videos, or post the pictures, and some of our clients even share their contact information on our web site, so you can not only read their testimonial but actually talk to somebody who used our services, who now is married and they live together in the United States or Europe.

As I said, you need to try to get the feeling of the company you are planning to work with, because it’s really important. When you are looking for your soul mate, it makes all the sense to make sure you are dealing with the agency that is honest and which will be there in your interest.

Tell us a little about your success rates

Because of the system of how our agency works, a man gets to know the ladies he is talking to before they meet for the first time. They exchange letters, they talk on Skype and they get the answers to the questions which are important for both of them. and of course they create the bond between each other, and so when they first meet, even though this is the first time they meet in their life and they’ve never seen each other before – they do no feel like strangers to each other. We see it’s extremely important and it makes the success rate a lot higher. We see from our experience that almost every man after his visit to Kharkov he concentrates on one lady and this lady removes her pictures from the gallery, they start working on the visa for her to move to his country. Just out of my memory, on the 24th July there was a wedding in Ukraine of Stephane and Margarita, he is from Canada. On the 14th July there was a wedding in Ukriane – David and Viktoria, he is from the USA, 26th June there was a wedding of Lloyd and Natalia, he is from United Kingdom, and I can remember at least 4 couples who are now waiting to get the visa: John and Tatiana from Australia, Christian and Irina from Germany, Jeff and Julia from the United States, Graham and Katia from the UK, so really it’s amazing because it works, if you communicate with the ladies and you are open to them and they open to you, so when you meet with the lady you have the best chemistry with you can really build something, so it’s very real.

What is your suggestion for all people, who want to find love in Ukraine?

I would recommend you to keep one thing in your mind, when G-d was creating the World, on the 6th day when He created the man, he did not say the creation was good until he gave the man a wife!

If you don’t have a soul mate in your life, if you don’t have a wife – you should act and put the efforts into finding one! Using a marriage agency is one of the ways to find your wife and I wish you success in your search! Good luck! 

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