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What has changed since Russian invasion in Ukraine

Of course, the main things that changed - a lot of people died and a lot of children left without their fathers. It's war and sure it is supported by all it's characters. But I want to describe what has changed for ceparated person. How I everyday see some change.

1. More European goods. 

Before war we had maybe 50% of all goods from Russia. It was not exactly Russian goods, but all shampoo, like Gliss Cur, Head&Shoulders, Pantene, Elseve and others - they was from Russia. Schwartzcopf, Loreal have their plant in Russia. The same with all household chemicals, cosmetics, tea, coffee, chewing gum, Snickers and other things. Russia was a huge distributor of all european products.

Since war supermarkets, their suppliers started to change it and import this goods from Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany and other European countries. Now when you come to supermarket for some shampoo, you can choose: by made in EU or made in Russia. The most interesting, that price is the same!!! I can't say about all people, but personally me and my family prefer European quality, even if it will be more expensive.    Now I see snickers, Twiks from Netherland, KitKat from Bulgaria, and chewing gum from Poland.

2. Special notification for Russian products. 

As Russia is agressor, people need to know where is their goods and that if they buy it, they support Russian economy and war. Anyway, nobady deny to buy it. Just everywhere there is notification. I think it's good, but anyway choose other tea at the same time when our country buy electricity from Russia.... It's drop on the ocean. But you are notified about that.

3. Ukrainian stuff become more widespread. 

Vyshyvanka was something very old and just for very patriotic people before war. To be a patriot was wierd, people rarely useukrainian flag and ukrainian symbols. This war push people to make decision: are they with Ukraine or against Ukraine?
Now there is a lot of event when people can wear vyshyvanka and it's like little competinion, which vyshyvanka is more cool and stylish. It's really cool. It's our ukrainian identity and we shoul to keep it.

4. More Ukrainian flag.

Before Russian invasion you can see Ukrainian flag only in administrative buildings (not in all) and in Press  shop. Now it's everywhere. Not exactly flag, nut colours of Ukrainian flag: blue and yellow. Nobady press people to do this - it's just their initiation and I think it's cool.

 It's first thing that you can see everyday and everywhere in Ukraine. Of course, Russian invasion changed much more bigger, but it's very deep theme and we will not discuss it.

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