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Ivano-Frankivsk: what to visit

Ivano-Frankivsk was called on the honour of Ivan Franko - great Ukrainian writer. It's cute city in West Ukraine, very comfortable and quite. When you start to looking for "what to visit in Ivano-Frankivsk" you will find a lot of boring places, very interesting by their history.. but who care about it? I tried to find something interesting for foreigners and even ukrainian visitors.. Something, that will be cool for young people, and this is what I found.

For 15 years Ivano-Frankivsk is the center of blacksmith art. People from diferent part of Ukraine and from other countries decorate Ivano-Frankivsk with beautiful art works. You can find them all over the sity and take a cool pictures.

This monument was made by 300 masters from 20 different countries. It calls Easter Sun. There are 12 sun iron ray with angels, bells and other things.

And of course just beautiful city, you can walking and enjoying stuff around you. I will not tell you about history of this buildings - if you are interested, you can find this in any touristic point, read about it and hire guide who will tell you about everything.

You can visit caffe "Bunker", which has style of bunker of ukrainian nationalist 40-50th years. Ukrainian nationalist was fighting against soviet power and wanted that Ukraine will be independent from them.

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