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Uzhgorod: what to visit and my report

Uzhgorod is awesome city in Zakarpattya region. If you travel there from Ukranian side, you need to cross the Carpathians at first. This land was under power of Slovakia, Hungary, Czech republic, Austria, Romania, Chroatia, Soviet Union. Most people in Uzhgorod can speak this languages, because they hear them from childhood. Only problem can be with English.
Uzhgorod is just in some kilometers from border of Europe. But Uzhgorod by itself is real european city with great culture, so you don't need to go somewhere else.
Every morning traditionally starts with coffe. If you ask people what is visit card of Uzhgorod, everyone say to you - it's coffee.
After you tried coffee in the morning, you need to go to Uzhgorod castle. It's one of the oldest castle in Zakarpattya region.
It is more than 1000 years old. There was two gates on this castle. So at first guests entered to the first gate and than people look of they was a good person. If no, from this holes people poured hot tar into guest's head. If guests was good, so they open next gate and came into castle.

In dangeon there are degustation of Uzhgorod wine. Specialists said that their wine are very special, and different from other. If you are expert in wine, you definitely need to try it and compare with other drink.
The most popular "Troyanda Karpat" (Carpathian rose) - white wine.
Other interesting things - street near river. If you don't have personal guide, you can listen guide in pillar. Yes, in Uzhgorod all pillar speak, especially in hystorical topics.
The longest in Europe linden alley is located also in Uzhgorod - it has 2 km. There are kind of 300 linden trees. They smell so cool, especially in summer.
Also here you can find little tiny figure: Ferenz List, Shveik soldier, hrdgehog family and node - this is works of local sculptor. Uzhgorod has 18 tiny sculptures, and looking for them - real entertainment for tourists. You can recieved map for free in any museum or caffe and have fun!
Do you like sweets? You need to go to Uzhgorod for sweet tour! So many super tasty sweets here you can find from famous confectioner - Valentyn Shtefanyo. He is well-known in Europe.
Don't you still be in old Ukrainian village - you are welcome to Uzhgorod skansen. There you can see how lived people in Zakarpattya in 17-19 century. A lot of old buildings, awesome landscapes you can find there.
If you will be in Uzhgorod on sring - you will remember this pink city. Why pink? Because it's city of sakura! So many sakura trees are there in Uzhgorod.


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