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Kolochava: what to visit

Kolochava is small village in Carpathians. Inspite of fact it's small, it's unique village. Marvellous mountains, fresh air, mineral water and very hospitable people make your rest very awesome.  Duting its hystory Kolochava was under power of 10 countries. This village is part of national partk "Synevyr".
Now rhis place are very popular for tourists.

If you have questions on your head: "What to visit in Carpathians" - you schoul go to Kolochava. Kolochava is one of the longest village in Ukraine - among 40 km (24 miles). Kolochava is high-developed village vecause of it's population. All people try to do the best to make their village  one of the most interesting in Ukraine. ALso there are businessman from Kolochava, who now lives in Kyiv and pur a lot of money and efforts into restoration of hystorical part of Kolochava.


There are 10 museums in Kolochava: "Old village", "Soviet school", "Czech school", military-hystorycal museum, and others. They are nor boring as traditional museum. They all are real, real buildings and other stuff, which Kolochavians keep in good condition.

Also Kolochava is famous because of it's memorials.

Also there is a special camp, where you can stay all night and then recieve beautiful emotion.Kind of  "Night in museum".  

"Love and parrots" - there are private parrots fabric, wher you can find more than 2000 different kind of parrots. 

Bee-garden in Kolochava
Have you ever try bee-treatment? If no, you can do this in Kolochava! You are placed in little wooden house, and under your bad is 300 thousands of bee. You listen ther sound, breath propolis, and started to love all people in the world.

You can buy honey - owner of beegarden said that honey from mountains is very different and useful, because bees make it from special flowers and green, which is located only in mountains.

Restaurants and hotels

Kolochava has some hotels, where you can liv, so there is no problem with it. Also there is no problem with food. Problem is just don't eat all that you want, because everything is super tasty!

Kolochava also have it's own mineral water - "Borkut", which you can try.

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