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Free dating websites in Ukraine

Using marriage agency for looking for love is pretty expensive way and inspite of the fact there are a lot of scammers, it can be way without no result. What to do if you just want to find real girl and at least don't speak a lot of money on it? A lot of people choose Vkontakte and Facebok, as social network. But it's not dating websites, and a lot of woman are already married, in repationship and don't want to look forsomeone else. I will tell you in this video about free dating websites, where you can find Ukrainian woman.

I start from Ukrainian websites, and then give you Russian websites, because Ukrainians also use them.

1. http://love.ua/
Free dating website in Ukraine #1. There a lot of woman, different age. Very simple interface, so you will understand everything very easy.
The most fun thing, you can look for woman even by picture. You upload picture and website try to find something similar to your ideal woman.
2. http://love.i.ua/
It's the most popular Ukrainian post website, like gmail for example, and they also propose free dating website. You can try to find your love here.
3. http://www.12.com.ua/
"12 kisses" - Ukrainian website for looking for love and friends.
4. http://date.kiev-online.net.ua/
Kiev dating website. They have special search for foreigner, so probably all people who want to find forein boyfriend or gf, use this website.
5. http://www.livedatesearch.com/ru/main - website propose dating with foreigners.
6. http://12dz.com/ - Lviv dating website with English version.
Other Ukrainian websites:
http://www.2gether.com.ua/login_page.php - they propose English version of website.

Russian websites:
Vey popular dating website. It's one of the most popular in Russia, and also Ukrainian use it. Pretty easy interface, so you will bot have problen withthat website.

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