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Some thoughts about current situation in Ukraine

I don't like cover political topic, because all my words will be very subjective. But anyway, I understand, there are a lot of people who are interested in some inside information what is going on in Ukraine, so here I tell you.

1. How people feel about Petro Poroshenko and his government?
At first I need to say, that president Poroshenko and ukrainian government represent different political party and nobady accept them as one piece. head of government is Yatsenyk, he is leader of his own party, which take the first place by supporting of population.
What people think about Poroshenko and our government? A lot of people can find on web or youtube videos, where people say that they don't like Poroshenk, they don't like government and so on.. Yes, as in any country, there are people who don't like president and government. But how we can estimate real situation? I think the best picture we can see from last local election, which was few weeks ago in Ukraine. I've just open results of election on official websites, and that's what we have. There were candidates from itself and from political party. If we look at candidates from political party, candidates from Poroshenko party takes the first place. Second place is from Tymoshenko's party, then agrarian party (I showed you in my vlog their activity). Situation in different region of Ukraine is different, and this is general picture of Ukrainian election. As you see, president Poroshenko still have the biggest support of population. Yes, a lot of people don't like what he and government do, they want to see more changes, but it doesn't mean that they want to change Poroshenko into someone else. They just want to force him do more. 

2. Can Poroshenko be re-elected? I think we need to wait 2 years more. He came in very hard time - in war. Worlds leader press him, Putin press him, and we really don't know real situation. But of course a lot of people think they are experts in everything and do better what to do with country in war time))))
3. What do Ukrainians feel about the new patrol police? Most people support them. They are representatives of new level of policing. Of course they are not perfect, they makes some mistakes, but anyway they are better then previous. All new policemen has camera, which filming all their actions. If they ask you bribe, you can complaine and they can review video how policemen speak with you. New patrol police is good, but it's sad that other types of police still be the same. 

4. How do Ukrainians feel about foreigners being appointed to some key government positions? There are different meaning. Someone complaines why we can't hire Ukrainians, other people like it. I like foreign ministers, because they have great experience and I hope they can do good job. Minister of finance, Natalia Yaresko has great american education, but she is Ukrainian and last 20 years she lived in Ukraine. So I hope she can use american business approach into her work as a minister.

5. What do ukrainians think about Michael Saakashvili? Most people like him in Odessa, he do a lot of things for people, but his main purpose is fighting with corruption and contrabanda. I don't know if he can be elected as new president, because he was President of Gorgia, and Georgia is the same size like Odessa region. Ukraine is very complicated and big country and need more complicated approach to manage all country.

6. Which reforms need Ukraine? Everyone told you - Ukraine need reforms in juditial field. Corrupted judges are one of the biggest problem. All that we try to change, stopped because of judges. But nothing changed yet. I don't know why.

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