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Myths of Ukrainian language

Here is a lot of myths of Ukrainian language. And I want to demistify them.
I try to make this article not boring, just with interesting key information.

Myth #1. Ukrainian language is very similar to Russian.
Finally I found scientific opinion in some philology book.
So here is 40 features that describe slavic languages.

Russian is similar to Ukrainian only in 8 features from 40.
And other 32 features make this two language different/

At the same time, Ukrainian is similar by this 32 features to other slavic languages.

Myth #2.Ukrainian is most similar to Russian of other slavic languages.

1. Ukrainian is most similar to Belorussian and it's 84% common vocabulary.
The same percent have Swedish and Norwegian.
2. Second place is Polish and we have 70% similarities of common vocabulary.
3. Third place have Slovak and it's 68% of common vocabulary.
4. Fouth place have Russian - and we have 62% of common vocabulary.

Myth #3. Russian is native language for most Ukrainians.

Mostly all Ukrainians understand and can speak Russians. Like mostly Germans understand English, but it doesn't mean that this is native language, yeah?
According to census, only 29% mentioned Russian as native language. At the same time 67,5%  of Ukrainians assume Ukrainian as native language. At the same time, this 29% of Russian speaking person is consentrated mostly in East Ukraine in cities, and if you come to this part, it seems like everyone in Ukraine is Russian native speakers. but that's not right opinion.

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