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Natural miracle places in Ukraine

Ukraine is very big coutry. It has see, mountains, desert, forests and a lot of other beautiful places. I want to show you piece of  miracle Ukrainian nature. This places is not popular for tourists, so I can't suggest you visit it, because there are no services, hotels and entertainment. So I just want to show you this on pictures.
But if you are photographer or just looking for some interesting unique places for your project - maybe this will helps you!

1. The geological reserve "Basalt columns" (Базальтові стовпи)

Basalt columns are located in Rivne region, Central Ukraine. Our country produce basalt in this place and you can see this beauty.

2. Blue Lake (Озеро Синє)

This magnificant lake is located on Carpathians, West Ukraine. This is small lake which striking in its uniqueness and beauty. Blue colour is because of minerals, which are on lake. If you will be in Capathians, thre are a lot of touristics way near this lake, so you can see it and even ride around the lake on a raft. 

3. Bakota (Бакота)

This beautiful place was created because of Soviet Union industry which coused a big flood and hide some villages under water. Bakota is located in Khmelnitsky region, West Ukraine. It's very popular place for people, but there is no conditions for leaving, just camping. No bathroom, no hotels, no shops. Just you and nature. But water is super clean. I was there 3 times, so I tell you this because of my experience. 

4. Apple-colony (Яблуня колонія)

This wierd apple garden consist of 15 apple-trees, with wierd look. Trees are located on city park of Krolevets, Summy region, North Ukraine. It's unique trees, because when apple-trees died, they fall down along the ground to take root and give rise to a new tree. Cool place for horror films.

5. Buky's canyon (Буцький каньйон)

Canyon is located on the borber on Vinnytsya and Cherkassy region, Central Ukraine. This canyon is popular for climbers, although this ricks is not good for alpinism. Canyon have non-typical look for Ukraine, that 's why it's on list of miracle places of Ukraine. You can rent boat and just have great time on this river or go rafting.
Also you can see there old water mill, which was built in 12 century. Or it's better to say, building, which still be after water mill, because it doesn't work now. 

Little whirlpool on the river

Water mill, 12 century

6. Granite-steppe national park (Гранітно-степовий парк Побужжя)

This fairtale land with unique nature is located on Mykolaiv region, South Ukraine. Granite-steppe Lands of Buh are a true paradise for fans of active recreation. Buh’s steep rapids are perfect for white-water rafting and the Protich Hole, situated in the park, offers one of the best natural water slalom routes in Europe. 

7. The Kinburns'ka Kosa (Кінбурнська коса)

This truly unique spit is one of the numerous natural treasures of southern Ukraine. The Kinburns'ka Kosa is the combination of a long sand belt and the peninsula adjoined to it. strikes with its beautiful landscapes. Here, lush groves cross the virgin steppe, and sandy beaches shimmer against the background of the blue sea. There are over 200 lakes and gulfs on the territory of the peninsula, which are home to a great number of birds. On the peninsula, you can find white herons, European white pelicans, cranes, swans, and many other species of birds. Moreover, because of its special climate, number of healing herbs grow on the Kinburns'ka Kosa – which is why it is often called an outdoor pharmacy.

 8. Stone tomb (Кам'яна могила)

Stone tomb is located in Zaporizhzhya, Central Ukraine. It is one of the most unusual geological formations in the world and an astonishing natural monument. It is a sand hill, located in the middle of the steppe, covered with large stones of peculiar forms. This ‘stone island’ is around 14 million years old, which makes it the oldest archeological and cultural monument in Ukraine!

9. Oleshky sands (Олешківські піски)

The huge desert that spreads over Kherson region, South Ukraine. It is one of the most striking places in southern Ukraine. Oleshky Sands is the biggest sand area in Ukraine, and some even call it the only desert in Europe.  The greatest height of huge mounds of sand is 5 meters. Unusual Kherson attraction occupies about 160 000 hectares.

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